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Bedside Cabinets, 3 Drawer

Features of all Basic American casegoods:
Proudly made in the USA.

  • CNC manufacturing ensures consistent quality.
  •  Highly resistant to moisture:
  • All edges are completely finished.
  • Drawers are vinyl wrapped and bottoms are sealed.
  • Dowel and cam construction for durability.
  •  Rounded edges reduce injury.
  •  Drawer stops for safety.
  •  Metal drawer slides are tested to 100 pound capacity and feature a self closing mechanism.
  •  Ventilated backs promote air flow.
  •  Smooth floor guides for ease of movement.
  •  Wardrobe floor guides are adjustable for leveling the unit to uneven surfaces.
  •  Drawer fronts are separate from the drawer box, simplifying replacement, if necessary.
  •  Hardware:
  •  European style hinges provide superior strength and
  • Adjustability.
  • Doors have hidden hinges.
  • Doors can be removed without removing the hinges from
  • either the door or cabinet.
  • Hinges offer a full 110 degree swing and are self closing.
  • Fixed drawer and door hardware selections are easy to grasp.
  • furnishings are available in numerous configurations:
  • Bedsides are available as either a Three Drawer Chest or a Door/Drawer Cabinet version.
  • Dressers are available in three, four, or six drawer horizontal styles.
  • Wardrobes are available with one or two doors, and with or without drawers.
  • Locks are available for all units, but preferably should be ordered with the initial order.
  • Keyed units have two keys per lock.
  • Locks are generally placed on the top drawer of a bedside or on wardrobe doors.
  • Master keys are available if ordered with the initial order.

Special Order custom sizes of casegoods are available, but
may require minimum quantities and additional production time.

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