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Infusion Pump Stands

  • 2-4-or 6 hook top
  • Chrome plated steel pole
  • 5-leg, easy clean nylon base
  • heavy center weight adds stability
  • 21" base saves floor space
  • 3" soft-roll, dual wheel casters
  • Single knob height adjustment
  • Detachable ram's horn hooks with plastic tips
  • See available options
  • 45 lbs. load capacity under normal use

Shipping Included!

IV-41 Universal Clamp

• Aluminum clamp used to mount most accessories without disassembling pole
• Easy position adjustments
• Set-screw locks accessories in place
• Not included with accessories

IV-43 Steering Handle

• Easy-grip black vinyl coating
• Aids movement and control of poles
• Requires 1 universal clamp (sold separately)

IV-44 Oxygen Cylinder Holder

• Chrome-plated steel frame
• Holds D or E size oxygen tanks
• Requires 1 universal clamp (sold separately)
• Not suitable for IV-40 and IV-404

IV-46 Pump Support Tray

• 1/2" center hole provides easy pump attachment
• Chrome finish
• Requires 1 universal clamp (sold separately)

IV-48 Base Stability Weight

• Add 2.5  to base for improved stability
• Easily mounts to center of base

IV-50 IV Pole Outlet Strip

• 4 hospital grade outlets
• 6' cord
• Stainless steel frame with hood
• Mounting requires 1 universal clamp (sold separately)

NOT MRI compatible

IV-51B Heavy Duty Wire Basket

• 14"W x 8"H x 8.5"D
• Black epoxy coated finish
• Useful for storing IV supplies
• Requires 1 universal clamp to mount (sold separately)

IV-56 Drainage Bag Hooks

• Chrome plated with 2-hook positions
• Clamps to pole with thumb screws, no universal clamp needed

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